Cinnamon Pomegranate Panna Cotta


I love everything about panna cotta: it is incredibly easy to make, it is delicious and you can play around with ingredients as much as you like!

The traditional panna cotta is made with vanilla extract or bean, cream, gelatin and sugar but this year I decided to ditch the traditions and made my own “holiday” version. It was so darn good that our friend who happened to be at the Friendsgiving party came for the additional portion the next morning (he had to climb up the hill in San Francisco, which means a lot to me). I call it a success!

So here’s your Christmas table inspiration number two: cinnamon pomegranate panna cotta.

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Instarecipe: Sweet and Savory Scones

Wow! I got hit by the storm of requests for this recipe basically in every single social media. You were so curious and responsive, so I couldn’t say no.

You found a pretty good deal if you stumbled upon this recipe surfing the internet because today I’m going to explain how to make scones both sweet and savory.

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Banana Bread With Zucchini

The recipe for banana bread became available to the public in the 1930s in America during the Great Depression. Then, each half of the half-eaten product was considered precious, and people refused to throw out even overly ripe bananas. At the same time, large producers of baking powder first hit the market. Two elements, at one time in one place, caused a boom of banana bread in America and have been a favorite treat ever since.

By the way, the name banana bread is nothing more but a tradition. The same products made with zucchini, apples or other ingredients are usually called cakes. The products itself is classified as “quick bread” because instead of yeast, it uses baking powder, which allows the dough to rise in the oven without additional proofing.


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Cupcakes With Concord Grape Jelly

Recently I found a jar of concord grape jelly from Smuckers in my fridge. I remember that I got it for peanut butter-jelly toasts, but it didn’t go well because it is way too sweet for my sensitive pallet.

Instead of waisting the entire product and throwing it away, I gave it a chance in my cupcakes, and it came out pretty good and saved me some sugar.

So next time, before baking cupcakes, look into your pantry or fridge and see, maybe you also have Smuckers jar that you can use for the recipe.


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