Foolproof Mushroom Soup


I bet you’ve tried pureed mushroom soups many times and they may have been delicious, but… Many restaurants and packaged food manufacturers add one thing that can mess up your diet, stomach and even pallet and the ingredient is – cream.

Don’t get me wrong, cream makes everything taste better, but it can also be bad for those trying to lose weight and those with lactose intolerance. Besides that, you don’t really feel that much flavor if your soup is packed with cream.

I have a recipe that tastes almost like the mushroom soup with cream but without it. I have one secret ingredient that actually makes the entire soup. Ready? Check the recipe below then!

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Pumpkin Zig Zags With Roasted Pepper Sauce

I am definitely all for the pumpkin season this year, and today I have something special for you.

I found these cute mini zig-zags at Trader Joe’s and could stand buying a package. Since I’m trying to eat healthily and consume more vegetables, zig-zags turned out to be an excellent substitution for actual pasta.

Keep this recipe in your bookmarks if you don’t want to overindulge yourself with turkey and gravy this Thanksgiving 🙂

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Easy Weeknight Pasta Bake With Tuna

Sometimes even awesome food bloggers don’t have time for their complicated, yet amazing creations. That’s why easy recipes come to the rescue.

When I worked as a chef, I remember my colleagues making this kind of meal for the entire staff before service when we were busy with prep work for Saturday evening.

I didn’t like this kind of meal at first, but after making it multiple times for dinner at home, I realized that it has to be a go-to recipe for every single busy person, who wants a fresh delicious meal prepared with minimum effort.

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Instarecipe: Pumpkin Zuchetti With Onion Sauce

As I promised on my instagram last week – I post the recipe of the pasta with the name for which you voted. 67% of respondents agreed that the name of the paste will be – pumpkin Zuchetti.

The pasta is very unusual and seasonal, so you can buy it only in the fall. It’s not difficult to guess that the main ingredient is a pumpkin and you can really feel it if you do not overcook the product.

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Baked Turkey Meatballs With Tomato Sauce

I always like to make a variety of dishes for dinner, It is usually something new and pretty complicated, but there are some days when I don’t have a power or time for anything. In this case, I always keep at least 5-6 recipes in my head, which will undoubtedly turn out delicious and will not take me half a day.

My relationship with meatballs has developed from the very first time, and regardless of mood, circumstances or weather, I make them good.

I try to use different types of proteins in my recipes, but the most delicious once turn out with turkey, so today I will tell you in detail about my most foolproof and tasty method.

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Sweet Potato Soup With Roasted Peppers

Time goes by towards the fall. But this is not a reason to be sad, after all, dozens of warm evenings, delicious hot dishes, and my favorite – soups are waiting for us!

In summer, hot soups do not go well with,y lifestyle at all, but with the first yellowed leaves, I place the pan onto the stove, and freshly cooked soup appears on a table almost magically!

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Turkey And Spinach Pie

It is hard to cook something special during season transition, since summer products are almost gone from the shelves, and the fall has not even started. In such cases, I always make something with greens, cheese, and proteins. Depending on the mood, it could be a casserole, a dish in a skillet with some garnish, or, in a rare case a pie.

I must say that for a good pie you need a good dough, which takes a lot of time and attention.

Recently I found a perfect frozen puff pastry, which immediately brought my off-season dish to a new level.

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New Potato Flan

Flan as a dish is originated in medieval Spain, where it had many varieties, including savory. In fact, flan was a popular dish around Europe, especially during the Lent, when meat was prohibited.

Flan, as we know it today, is found mostly in sweet variations, but in Britain, they cook it savory and serve it as an entree or appetizer.

Since I attended cookery school there, today we will cook potato flan.

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