Fit(ish): Baby Chard And Kale Salad With Beets, Parm and Cranberry Balsamic


Las week we have learned how to easily make cranberry balsamic. Now we are about to implement our precious ingredient into a nice salad.

If you are willing to add something healthy, yet fancy to your Christmas table this may be a great option.

So get ready for the Christmas recipe number three!

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Cinnamon Pomegranate Panna Cotta


I love everything about panna cotta: it is incredibly easy to make, it is delicious and you can play around with ingredients as much as you like!

The traditional panna cotta is made with vanilla extract or bean, cream, gelatin and sugar but this year I decided to ditch the traditions and made my own “holiday” version. It was so darn good that our friend who happened to be at the Friendsgiving party came for the additional portion the next morning (he had to climb up the hill in San Francisco, which means a lot to me). I call it a success!

So here’s your Christmas table inspiration number two: cinnamon pomegranate panna cotta.

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Confidence In Condiments: Cranberry Balsamic


Thanksgiving is over, phew! Now we can finally talk about my favorite time of the year. Christmas is just 27 days away which means, it’s time to start marking up the menu (yeah, one more time friends!)

This year my attention was carried away by the 16-pound bird so no thanksgiving recipes until next year, promise! I got lucky that my guests ate almost everything I cooked, so no leftover articles either (expect it next year as well).

So, why am I here? I decided to shoot a quick recipe that you may need for your upcoming Christmas party. It is literary great on anything: from ice cream to beef, poultry or salads. It is easy to make and can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 3 month, so do yourself a favor and make it now.

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Foolproof Mushroom Soup


I bet you’ve tried pureed mushroom soups many times and they may have been delicious, but… Many restaurants and packaged food manufacturers add one thing that can mess up your diet, stomach and even pallet and the ingredient is – cream.

Don’t get me wrong, cream makes everything taste better, but it can also be bad for those trying to lose weight and those with lactose intolerance. Besides that, you don’t really feel that much flavor if your soup is packed with cream.

I have a recipe that tastes almost like the mushroom soup with cream but without it. I have one secret ingredient that actually makes the entire soup. Ready? Check the recipe below then!

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Fit(ish): Kale Salad With Delicata Squash And Cranberry Balsamic


After a roaming weekend, I was craving for something both healthy and a little fatty to boost my energy for an upcoming day. I have decided to make a hearty salad but was struggling with the choice of greens which I always have in my fridge. After briefly searching the internet I stumbled upon this brilliant article by Healthy Line about 26 benefits of kale. Apparently, you can benefit a lot from consuming this type of green alone, so do not hesitate to read the full article, it’s so worth it!

The choice was clear, and a bunch of kale immediately went into the bowl along with roasted delicata squash and homemade cranberry balsamic that I prepared earlier.

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Homemade Beet Pasta


Purchased pasta with homemade sauce – good. Homemade pasta with homemade sauce – even better!

Pasta making is one of the things that I miss the most after leaving the professional kitchen. This process was a significant stress relief, and I could do it for hours listening to jazz music.

A few days ago I felt down and stressed and thought about refreshing my skill and making some pasta at home. The only obstacle for me was the absence of any pasta machines at home. Since I have never tried making pasta with only a knife and a ruler, I went for it and gave it a try. To my own surprise pasta came out great but needed a little bit of work on the shape. That was nothing comparing to what I expected.

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5 Healthy Pumpkin Recipes For Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Over the course of the past two months, I have been keeping up with my healthy(ish) diet trying to create low carb, low-fat dishes. I followed my cravings and listened to my body, went grocery shopping few times a week to master these recipes and make sure every single bite is worth a try.

I wasn’t a huge pumpkin fan, but since I started creating these recipes, I can admit that seasonal pumpkin craze affected me at some point.

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Crunchy Lentil Salad With Acorn Squash

I have been struggling with eating healthy food when the weather dropped by 10 degrees. It’s okay to be craving fatty, meaty, oily foods when the winter is coming, but what if I want to resist? What if I want to stay within my veggie routine and keep consuming only vitamins that are good for me and my body?

For many years I have been trying to find the recipe that would substitute what I crave in winter and feels like I found it…Or should I say created?

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Instarecipe: Irish Porridge With Berries And Pumpkin Butter

Thank you for your likes and comments on this beautiful porridge that I have created almost by accident in my kitchen. Now it’s time for you to know the recipe and it’s quite easy.

I bought steel cut oats on the fly, running out of the supermarket because I had a fascinating dinner idea in my mind and I just needed to cook it right away. Later, next morning I was about to make a quick breakfast with oats, berries, and honey, but then, after opening the package something seemed a little strange about the texture of the oats. After a few minutes of reading the label and later googling it, I realized that I have bought the wrong oatmeal (now that I think about it, it wasn’t a bad mistake at all!).

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