I tried Six Different Vegan Yogurts So You Don’t Have To

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I recently got my DNA test return. I was excited to learn my roots since I am kinda dark for a typical Russian – dark skin complexion, brown eyes, and hair. People always mistake me for a Spanish-speaking person especially when I travel.

The result came back…I am 95% Eastern European (welp, what a waste of time!) but what really got my attention is the health report.

According to it, I am most likely to be lactose intolerant in the future. Even though I didn’t have any problems with cow milk, cannot live without cheese and in love, with whole milk yogurt, I had to face the truth and start preparing for the dark days.

I started off with trying yogurts – my all time favorite food made from cow milk.

I went to Whole Foods and got literary every single vegan yogurt that was in the fridge. To make my comparison report easier all yogurts had the same flavor – strawberry.

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Quick And Easy Recipe Ideas For your Next Awesome Cheese Plate

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Have you ever dreamed about making up a gourmet cheese plate and fascinate everyone with the flavor pairing? Have you ever felt like there was something missing on the plate or the pairing was quite weird?

I realized you need my advice and I need to fix it. Here are some delish samples of recipes you may wanna consider you your future bob cheese plate.

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10 Steps That Will Help You Survive Christmas Dinner Prep


Let’s be honest – setting the Christmas table is a nightmare. Every one of us probably felt like crap after an exhausting day of cooking and all you got is a glass of wine and a lazy “thank you.”

While setting your Christmas table there is literary no time for a mistake (in fact, there is no time for anything) and if you don’t know how to plan your steps accordingly, well…you’re f*cked (sorry!).

I have planned, and successfully made a lot of Christmas family dinners throughout my career, and I must tell you, that smart planning is crucial! Right now I’m about to tell you some obvious and not really think that you must keep in mind while prepping for this most beautiful time of the year.

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5 Healthy Pumpkin Recipes For Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Over the course of the past two months, I have been keeping up with my healthy(ish) diet trying to create low carb, low-fat dishes. I followed my cravings and listened to my body, went grocery shopping few times a week to master these recipes and make sure every single bite is worth a try.

I wasn’t a huge pumpkin fan, but since I started creating these recipes, I can admit that seasonal pumpkin craze affected me at some point.

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Road Trip SF to LA: What To Eat In Los Angeles in 48 Hours

Roadtrip time!

Recently I made my 6th trip to LA and back. It was excellent and full of great food as usual, and this time I want to share my experience. I assume many of you struggled with finding good food on the way to LA. It was either a crappy airplane meal and tasteless coffee or a hamburger from McDonald’s somewhere on interstate 5. Doesn’t sound like a fancy meal at all, right?

Well, I found a few spots where you can stop and actually have a delightful dining experience. Not a Michelin one, but a perfect one!

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Sleepless in Seattle: Why Should I Stand On That Damn Line For Starbucks

After going through the food part of Seattle, the central question remained unknown: what about coffee?

Although the movie “Sleepless in Seattle” is not about coffee at all, the city has a lot to offer. Coffee shops are literary everywhere you go, and every store is unique and provides a good variety of flavors, roasts, and blends.

Let’s briefly discuss why Seattle is the capital of Coffee and see why you should actually visit the first shop.

Spoiler alert: yes, there is Starbucks in here

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What and Where to Eat In Seattle

It’s hard to travel to new places and visit casual restaurants when you are both a chef and a picky eater. I have a tough time trusting places, especially if they don’t look good from the inside, but the problem with Seattle was that every damn restaurant looks nice, that you can’t stand the drive to walk in.

After always sunny and at some point messy San Francisco, Seattle feels like a deep breath of fresh air: clean streets, a lot (seriously A LOT) of trees and parks in the city. Small, walkable, thus diversified Seattle impressed me with its food scene and clean restaurants.

After a few hours of wandering around the city, I couldn’t stop noticing how tidy all the places look like and how much I want to visit every one of them. Nevertheless, my schedule was pretty tight, and I had to fit at least six places into 3,5 days. After extensive research and tons of articles read, I landed ten bookmarks on my google maps, hoping to visit at least half of them.

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How To Turn Scraps Into a Fancy Meal: Bits And Pieces

We almost never realize that we often throw away food that is absolutely fine and edible. Sometimes we don’t even know how to prepare it.

In the last week’s post, we discussed how you can rationally use pasta scraps and turn them into mouth-watering appetizers. Today, we will continue the topic, but this time we will reveal how to turn little bits and pieces that usually go to the trash bin into a good and a chic dish.

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How To Turn Scraps Into a Fancy Meal: Pasta

Some of you have come across a situation where they found almost empty packages of pasta in their kitchen cabinet. Let me guess: you probably closed the door the minute you saw pasta scraps never even knowing that you can do anything with it.

I have a suggestion: how about we get rid of those halfway used pasta by cooking fancy meals with minimum time and effort? Sounds good?

Click below, and let’s get the pasta started!

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Universal Green Sauces That You Should Consider Making

After I bought a mortar and pestle for my kitchen, I almost stopped using the blender, because the texture of the sauces made by my own hands goes out ten times better.

I began to make different pestos and dressings for salads and almost every one of them went better than the other. At some point, my refrigerator was full of jars with labels of homemade sauces with some instructions

Today I want to share with you my favorite green sauces, which are included in my notebook of recipes.

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