Thanksgiving 2.0: Coconut Pumpkin Curry With Salmon

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I love everything that involves people connecting through food. Food is the only subject that will (probably) never start a war, an argument (only with your mom at the kitchen) and never cause negative emotions (only if the food is prepared the wrong way).

Thanksgiving is a truly unique celebration that ALWAYS brings families together big and small at a table full of homemade dishes, most of the time prepared from scratch.

I am not an American. I was never born in this county, I don’t carry a passport, and I have a family very far away from here, but somehow I can relate to what people celebrate in here. The aspect of it – all that matters. We should connect through eating homemade food more often. Maybe then there will be less anger and more love.

I don’t want to bring anything else up for now. The history of thanksgiving will appear in this blog later. For now, let’s remember those who will never make to the celebratory table and let’s MAKE SURE we give more love to those in need and give more attention to those who may be depressed and not feeling well.

Food – is what indeed can bring us together. Food is calming. Food is therapy.

Today I am revealing the recipe that I have only cooked for the dearest and nearest. For some reason, I didn’t have time to make it public, but I am now.

Sincerely yours, Chef Tania.

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Easy Salmon Patties


Being pescetarian at a BBq party may seem hard: everyone having sausages, ribs, and burgers but you can not eat a gram of this. Since there are not a lot of pescetarian friendly sausages and patties in stores, I came up with this easy recipe of fish patties, that I can bring for myself. They are also great for burgers and smoking.

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The Easiest Lobster Tail Recipe


Remember that one time you ordered lobster at the restaurant and paid an idiotically high price for it? Well, this should stop! The thing is, lobster tails are usually inexpensive and the price range could vary from $8 to $15 depending on the area you live in. Hint: the one who live near the sea or the ocean typically pay a little less. You can find lobster tails in your local supermarket in the raw fish department or frozen in the seafood section.

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Easy Weeknight Pasta Bake With Tuna

Sometimes even awesome food bloggers don’t have time for their complicated, yet amazing creations. That’s why easy recipes come to the rescue.

When I worked as a chef, I remember my colleagues making this kind of meal for the entire staff before service when we were busy with prep work for Saturday evening.

I didn’t like this kind of meal at first, but after making it multiple times for dinner at home, I realized that it has to be a go-to recipe for every single busy person, who wants a fresh delicious meal prepared with minimum effort.

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Brown Butter White Fish With Cilantro And Peanut Pesto

If you follow my Telegram channel, you have probably seen this photo. I was thinking to make a toast with white fish first but then changed my mind and made it into an entire dish. First I made some brown butter. Then I fried my fish in it. Added homemade cilantro+roasted peanut pesto and roasted bell pepper purée. Later it turned into my signature dish.

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Panzanella Salad With Anchovies, Manchego and Citron Zest

I started cooking a lot recently. There is so much to share that it will probably be enough for a few weeks worth of posts. To maintain activity and resolve all culinary questions and to tell you more about things that I cook, I will post some of my selected Instagram recipes here. Promise, there won’t be a lot.

I’m a big fan of Panzanella salad, and especially of bread, which absorbed the aroma of tomatoes and vinegar. Unfortunately, tomatoes in winter and tomatoes in summer is a huge difference, so I decided to make my version without them.

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Alaskan Salmon With Cauliflower Puree, Orange and Bok Choy

Recently I got a fillet of Alaskan salmon, some peaches, and oranges. I got tired of classical: baked salmon+lemon+potato mash and I needed a splash of modern into my plate. The recipe came out quick. Spanish oranges replaced traditional lemon, potato mash turned into cauliflower mash with a splash of lemon juice, and some grilled crunchy Bok Choy with grilled peaches and Himalayan salt replaced a salad.
This time I made my salmon in a pan so I could make the skin crunchy and my salmon medium.

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