Bread Making Class In San Francisco

Holiday season is slowly flowing into the shops, supermarkets and our hearts.

Winter is probaby the most exciting time of the year. We gather together. We share smiles and thoughts. We eat. Eating is one of those things we do the best on Holidays, that’s why I decided to level up your skill.

I will be throwing a holiday bakeout on December 13 in San Francisco, so do not hesitate to stop by and learn the essentials of bread making and “hugge”.

For tickets and more information click this link.

See you soon!


You Can Now Have Breakfast at Tiffany’s For Real

Almost every single woman I know (including me) watched “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” movie. It was and still is the most iconic film for many ladies who are dreaming about fancy life and a prince on a white horse.

If you are the one that hasn’t seen the move heres the short storyline: the main character played by Audry Hepbern dresses up nicely and every morning comes up to Tiffany store in New York City, overlooking their window full of jewelery while eating a doughnut with coffee.

Well, guys, behold! There is an actual cafe opening at the Fifth Avenue storefront of Tiffany in NYC.

tiffany breakfast_28796411_ver1.0_640_360

The place, called The Blue Box Cafe that will open this Friday will offer meals at pretty reasonable prices. According to Eater, breakfast and lunch will cost around $29 and $39 and include two courses each. Customers can also order tea service for $49.

For special occasions, Tiffany’s cafe will offer a Blue Box Cake that will look exactly like a signature little blue box and will be priced at $36.




You Shouldn’t Eat More Than 2 OZ Of Black Licorice, FDA Says

Halloween celebrations might be over, but those bags filled with candy are still on your countertop, and they won’t go away unless you eat it. We all enjoy indulging in sweet stuff while watching scary movies, but apparently, movies are not the most terrifying part.

Recently, FDA released a warning, reminding those with bags of candy to avoid excessive amounts of black licorice. The problem with this candy is that you may experience the range of unpleasant and even dangerous symptoms like abnormal heart rhythms, swelling, high blood pressure, lethargy or even congestive heart failure.

The thing is that black licorice contains glycyrrhizin that can cause potassium levels in our body to significantly drop. The safe portion for people over the age of 40 is about 2 oz or 56 grams per day.

If you are experiencing one of the symptoms listed above, stop eating black licorice and call your doctor immediately.

Have a happy and safe Halloween!

There Is A Reason Why You feel Crappy If You Don’t Drink Caffeine

Many of you probably noticed that if you did not take your usual dose of coffee in the morning, the mood seems to go down, and the day is not set right from the start.  According to Food And Wine, the scientists from the University of Emory found that the matter is not in your mood at all.

The fact is that caffeine allows us to feel more energetic, focused and less depressed, says Professor of Neuropharmacology Michael Kuhar. If you forgot or did not have time to drink the usual cup of coffee at breakfast, then you will most likely feel drowsy, lethargic and irritable. Some can even experience a headache, low blood pressure, and even nausea.

The good news is that caffeine is not as addictive as drugs and alcohol, and unlike the above substances, it withdraws from our body within 24 hours. That’s why you can experience unpleasant symptoms within 24 hours after the last cup of coffee.

If you for some reason decided to give up caffeine, then to stay away from the coffee shops, since even the slightest smell of fried beans can cause cravings.

You Can Now Purchase Christmas Ornaments Filled With Alcohol

Christmas is only 1.5 months away, and it’s time for us to think about how to decorate the house.

I remember how my parents hung candy around a Christmas tree, and my friends and I were sneaking them into my room and eating before the holidays even started. The last candy was always eaten on the Christmas day at midnight.

The British company Lakes Distillery came up with a similar entertainment for adults. Now anyone can decorate a Christmas tree with ornaments filled with their favorite alcoholic beverages. The assortment includes quite pleasant flavors: vodka with salted caramel, gin flavored with cinnamon and raspberries and whiskey with hints of molasses and fresh fruits.

You can purchase these decorations in Europe, UK, and also arrange delivery to the United States. The cost can vary, and for example, 1 ball will cost about $ 21, while the whole set of six pieces will cost about $42.

The European supermarket chain Aldi came up with the similar idea, creating an advent calendar for adults, filled with tiny bottles of wine.

Noma’s Inventory Will Be Sold At The Auction

Last week, we wrote that the Noma restaurant, which was about to open at a new location in Copenhagen, literally rested against an ancient wall, which is about 700 years and work in the restaurant was suspended for archaeological research.

Speaking about the ancient: on November 2nd, 2017, most of the stuff from the old restaurant will be sold at the auction in Chicago. The list includes furniture, plates, kitchen utensils and decor.

The chairs from Niels O. Møller and J.L. Møllers Møbelfabrik will be exhibited for 4,000 – 6,000 dollars. The black leather couch is estimated to sell for $ 5,000 – $ 7,000. Ceramic tableware and serving boards will cost customers about 100 – 900 dollars depending on the item. Some decor items are planned to be sold for a price of 300 to 500 dollars.

Chief Renee Redzepi regarded the decision to auction the old things from the original Noma, as the next step to the opening of a new restaurant.

The opening of the new Noma is planned for early 2018, and the users will be able to start making reservations as early as November 16, 2017.

Napa Valley Wild Fires Update

Midnight October 11th. The smog was around the city of San Francisco all day long, and the sun was shining through the haze in an unhealthy orange color. The wildfires continue to rage in the regions of Napa and Sonoma, and we continue to follow the news and hope that soon everything will be over.

T fires have affected the wine regions of Mendocino and Calistoga, and the nearby regions are evacuated.

Local media provided a list of wineries that suffered partial or complete damage from the wildfires:

Segassia Vineyard, Signorello, Stags’ Leap Winery, White Rock Vineyards, VinRoc, Gundlach Bundschu Winery, Paradise Ridge, Frey Vineyards Winery, Oster Wine Cellars.

Some farms have fallen victims of the natural disaster and it is likely that this could have a negative impact on the restaurant industry in the area.

Michelin, which on was supposed to release an annual guide on Monday, postponed the event and made the following statement: “Recognizing the turmoil and tragedy of the fires that are still burning, we understand this is a time for grief and recovery, not celebration. We extend our condolences to all who have been affected.”

In nearby cities such as Oakland and San Francisco, all outdoor school activities were canceled, and in the epicenter of fires are completely closed.

According to the latest data about 20 people were killed and 285 are considered missing.

Photo taken from the Newsweek website

Napa Valley Is On Fire

It is very unlikely to become a witness of a raging nature, especially if it is taking your favorite places on its way.

At about 9 pm Pacific time, in the city of San Francisco, I felt a strong smell of the smoke. Many residents called 911 complaining about the smell, but the reason was not established up until 11 pm.

Local news agencies began to report that Napa Valley, located one and a half hours away from the city is in danger – massive wildfires are coming into the region.

By the morning of October 9, the first reports of destroyed wineries began to arrive. Based on information from various Twitter users, the buildings of such wineries as White Rock Vineyards, Signorello (vineyards of this winery remained intact), Nicholson Ranch in Sonoma and Frey Vineyards in Mendocino got completely burned down. The famous Michelin restaurant – French Laundry is safe, but for the time being, it will be closed.

As a result of wildfires, one person died, and more than 20 thousand were evacuated from the region.

Photo is taken from website

Harmful Pollutants Are Found In Yellowfin Tuna

No matter how hard you try to buy organic and clean tuna, it probably will not work. In one way or another, almost any fish will contain a certain percentage of polluted substances that penetrate the world ocean with the growing industrialization of the world.

As Food And Wine reports, the scientists from the Institute of Oceanology in San Diego conducted a study, which examined 117 species of yellowfin tuna from different parts of the ocean. Virtually every single fish contained substances that pollute the environment. However, some pollutants varied: the further the fish lived from the shore, the fewer elements were found in its system.

This means that the tuna caught in the waters of North America or Europe contained 36 times more substances than the one that inhabited the waters of the western Pacific Ocean. Also, 90 percent of the yellowfin tuna studied in the waters of the Northwest Atlantic Ocean contained chemicals that could harm pregnant and lactating women. Slightly fewer species – 60% contained the same substances in the Gulf of Mexico. There are a few chemicals to name: pesticides, fire retardants, and polychlorinated biphenyls.

Scientists have explained that these substances are still not enough to harm the human body, but urged buyers to read the packaging more carefully and pay attention to the origin of the fish.

Opening Of The New Noma Restaurant, Postponed Due To An Ancient Wall

Let’s look into some prehistory first. On December 31, 2016 – one of the best restaurants in the world – Noma closed its doors to the public. Chief Rene Redzepi went on a tour to Mexico with part of his team and opened pop-up there. Another part of the former employees began a temporary place in Copenhagen under the bridge, which they called – Under the Bridge.

But after less than a year of absence, the chef and his legendary team are coming back to their hometown, with the new Noma. According to rumors, the restaurant will be located somewhere near Copenhagen and going to have an entire sustainable farm on the site.

Initially, the launch was planned for the end of December 2017, however, according to the statement on their official website – the opening is postponed. The reason for this is quite compelling – while constructing the restaurant, the workers came across an ancient wall, which all this time was buried underground. According to representatives of Noma, this is a fairly common situation in the city, which is more than 900 years old. Now archaeologists working on the site, and the opening gat moved to the beginning of 2018.

Because of that, Noma employees have extended the work of Under The Bridge for 6 more weeks. If you are planning to visit Copenhagen in the nearest future, you can still reserve a table here.