Thanksgiving 2.0: Chicken Legs In Sage Pomegranate Sauce

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Why turkey?

Why not fish, duck, chicken or any other bird?

According to a news article: Turkey was indigenous to North America and a way to feed lots of people as well.

Another source claims that it has to do with Charles Dickens and A Christmas Carol. When the book was published in the 1840s, it introduced an American audience to the idea of a turkey being something special.

Another article says that It was during Abraham Lincoln’s presidency. After his election, he had started the tradition with a Thanksgiving dinner that featured roast turkey, reportedly his favorite meal.
Even though there are myths going around the turkey being on our table, one thing we know for sure – it doesn’t have to be a turkey.

That’s why today we are going to make chicken legs in rich sage and pomegranate sauce!

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Weeknight Chicken Cacciatore


Weeknight dinners are always a challenge for me since I almost never buy frozen foods, canned products, and even pre-made sauces. But last night I have sinned… As I was walking out of a supermarket I grabbed a can of Rao’s marinara sauce on the go.

I didn’t know whether I did the right thing until after my chicken cacciatore came out of the oven. It turns out that some brands still care about the quality and flavor and I’m happy I made it.

Chicken cacciatore is an Italian dish made the “hunter style” way. It’s basically a stew with tomatoes, basil, onions, garlic and peppers thrown together and stewed for an hour or so. It can also be baked or prepared with lamb or beef.

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Blood Orange Roasted Chicken


Blood Oranges are typically a very winter fruit but it always reminds me of upcoming spring (mainly because of its color). That is why I usually cook dishes with them on first days of March.

I found the similar recipe on Williams Sonoma website but realized that it lacks something and added green olives. It is super simple and blood oranges make the chicken pop in flavor!

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Baked Turkey Meatballs With Tomato Sauce

I always like to make a variety of dishes for dinner, It is usually something new and pretty complicated, but there are some days when I don’t have a power or time for anything. In this case, I always keep at least 5-6 recipes in my head, which will undoubtedly turn out delicious and will not take me half a day.

My relationship with meatballs has developed from the very first time, and regardless of mood, circumstances or weather, I make them good.

I try to use different types of proteins in my recipes, but the most delicious once turn out with turkey, so today I will tell you in detail about my most foolproof and tasty method.

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Turkey And Spinach Pie

It is hard to cook something special during season transition, since summer products are almost gone from the shelves, and the fall has not even started. In such cases, I always make something with greens, cheese, and proteins. Depending on the mood, it could be a casserole, a dish in a skillet with some garnish, or, in a rare case a pie.

I must say that for a good pie you need a good dough, which takes a lot of time and attention.

Recently I found a perfect frozen puff pastry, which immediately brought my off-season dish to a new level.

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