Oatmeal Breakfast Cups


I usually post my recipes on Sundays, but today I decided to surprise you a little.

I woke up to heavy rain and gusty winds on Wednesday. This kind of weather always reminds me of London where all that I ate for breakfast were: oatmeal and tea with milk. I remembered how good I exercised afterward and how full I stayed during the day.

Since I always have some nuts and dried berries in my drawer, the choice of breakfast dish was clear!

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Beet Hummus


Hey everyone! I had some beets left from the previous recipe and decided to make something from leftovers. Since i love hummus a lot, it became my first choice.

Do not hesitate buying a jar of tahini sauce. It can serve you well in other dishes including burgers or even cookies.

If you are hosting a superbowl party this weekend, your guests will highly appreciate this healthy option. This hummus goes incredibly well with pita chips, celery or cucumbers.

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Fit(ish): Baby Chard And Kale Salad With Beets, Parm and Cranberry Balsamic


Las week we have learned how to easily make cranberry balsamic. Now we are about to implement our precious ingredient into a nice salad.

If you are willing to add something healthy, yet fancy to your Christmas table this may be a great option.

So get ready for the Christmas recipe number three!

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Fit(ish): Kale Salad With Delicata Squash And Cranberry Balsamic


After a roaming weekend, I was craving for something both healthy and a little fatty to boost my energy for an upcoming day. I have decided to make a hearty salad but was struggling with the choice of greens which I always have in my fridge. After briefly searching the internet I stumbled upon this brilliant article by Healthy Line about 26 benefits of kale. Apparently, you can benefit a lot from consuming this type of green alone, so do not hesitate to read the full article, it’s so worth it!

The choice was clear, and a bunch of kale immediately went into the bowl along with roasted delicata squash and homemade cranberry balsamic that I prepared earlier.

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Crunchy Lentil Salad With Acorn Squash

I have been struggling with eating healthy food when the weather dropped by 10 degrees. It’s okay to be craving fatty, meaty, oily foods when the winter is coming, but what if I want to resist? What if I want to stay within my veggie routine and keep consuming only vitamins that are good for me and my body?

For many years I have been trying to find the recipe that would substitute what I crave in winter and feels like I found it…Or should I say created?

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Instarecipe: Irish Porridge With Berries And Pumpkin Butter

Thank you for your likes and comments on this beautiful porridge that I have created almost by accident in my kitchen. Now it’s time for you to know the recipe and it’s quite easy.

I bought steel cut oats on the fly, running out of the supermarket because I had a fascinating dinner idea in my mind and I just needed to cook it right away. Later, next morning I was about to make a quick breakfast with oats, berries, and honey, but then, after opening the package something seemed a little strange about the texture of the oats. After a few minutes of reading the label and later googling it, I realized that I have bought the wrong oatmeal (now that I think about it, it wasn’t a bad mistake at all!).

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Sunchoke Salad With Sunflower Seeds

First of all, let’s figure out what is a sunchoke.

This root can be found at your local farmers market, grocery store and even corner store. Some places also label it as Jerusalem artichoke, sunroof, sunchoke, earth apple, or topinambour.

It is a species of sunflower native to eastern North America and found from eastern Canada and Maine west to North Dakota, and south to northern Florida and Texas.

I first tried this ingredient when I worked as a chef at one of San Francisco’s restaurants, and they were extremely good with sunflower seeds cooked or raw.

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Instarecipe: Sweet and Savory Scones

Wow! I got hit by the storm of requests for this recipe basically in every single social media. You were so curious and responsive, so I couldn’t say no.

You found a pretty good deal if you stumbled upon this recipe surfing the internet because today I’m going to explain how to make scones both sweet and savory.

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Tomato Buratta Salad With Roasted Peppers

I’ve got a lot of requests for this type of salad about a year ago, even before I started this blog and I’m happy to have this opportunity to share my favorite ingredients with you, reader.

I don’t purchase buratta that often because I love it so much, I can eat the entire cheese with just salt, olive oil, and some pepper. I tried to stretch the package for at least two recipes so you can see how it can be appropriately used in both warm and cold dishes.

This recipe is simple and can be served as an excellent appetizer for a special occasion.

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