Weekly News Recap: Oct 15 – Oct 19

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Halloween is just 13 (oooh!) days away and we have some good stuff for you this week!

Traditionally a lot of big and small companies release special seasonal products to match our spooky needs.

Secondly, fall is still around which means more pumpkins and more cozy dishes coming to the table.

Third: only 68 days until Christmas! It’s time to think about trendy table setting ideas and look for great recipes.

Today we are covering some exciting news that happened this week (and maybe last week too:)

1. New Burger King Seasonal Burger Can Actually Cause Nightmares.

Their new “Nightmare Burger” featuring 1/4 lb of savory flame-grilled beef, a 100% white meat crispy chicken fillet, melted American cheese, thick cut bacon, creamy mayonnaise, and onions all assembled on a glazed green sesame seed bun may be causing nightmares.

The company actually conducted a study on 100 participants and tracked their activity before and during their nighttime routine. The result? After eating the Nightmare King, the study indicated that the incidence of nightmares increased by 3.5 times.

Maybe combining all the proteins in one sandwich was not the best idea?


2. Salt And Pepper Shakers Are The Dirtiest Items In Almost Every Restaurant

The study conducted by the British researchers in 2013 found that salt and pepper shakers in most of the restaurants are even dirtier than a toilet seat. The study found an alarming number: over 11,600 germs sitting on the average shaker. The reason? Well, apparently, many people skip what momma told them to do when they were little – they don’t wash their hands. Another reason is that many restaurant employees are mostly focused on scrubbing and polishing the kitchen and taking care of the surfaces instead of tiny details.

So Next time you visit a restaurant you’d better bring your own or use a single salt and pepper pouch.


3. Starbucks Is Opening A Fancy Bakery Chain

Just last year we heard that Starbucks opened a better version of itself and expanded it’s Reserve bar chain with fancy coffee and espresso drinks and now, we have this!

Princi Bakeries (apparently the new name of Starbucks new franchise) will not just be a traditional bakery. They will serve wine and beer with complimentary small plates, raspberry jam-stuffed Cornettis, and prosciutto- and potato-topped Focaccia pizza. Most of the items will exclusively be available at Princi.

The bakery will open its doors October 25 at 6 a.m. in New York City’s Theater District, following July 2019 and September 2019 launches in Seattle and Chicago.

Save the date New Yorkers 😉


4. Apple Bagel Emoji Gets What It Deserves

If you used bagel emoji at least once you have probably noticed that something was off about it. If not: here is a hint: the bagel was plain. Nobody eats a bagel with nothing! In a new update, Apple fixed the issue and added what bagel comes with the most – cream cheese!

Finally everything in place and back to normal. Now looking forward to the varieties.


5. San Francisco Tea Shop Offers Free Tea. The Catch? You Need To Meditate For An Hour!

Samovar – a tea shop that doesn’t have to do anything with Russian culture is offering a unique opportunity for its customers. It is called: a tea with a side of mindfulness. The tea is served free of charge but you need to follow some rules:

1. You must take 60 minutes to enjoy this tea.

2. No phone, computer, tablet, or distraction

3. No talking to anyone other than your server

4. Just drink the tea.

5. Limit 2 per table, and availability based on manager discretion.

What happens if you get distracted? You will be asked to pay!


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