I tried Six Different Vegan Yogurts So You Don’t Have To

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I recently got my DNA test return. I was excited to learn my roots since I am kinda dark for a typical Russian – dark skin complexion, brown eyes, and hair. People always mistake me for a Spanish-speaking person especially when I travel.

The result came back…I am 95% Eastern European (welp, what a waste of time!) but what really got my attention is the health report.

According to it, I am most likely to be lactose intolerant in the future. Even though I didn’t have any problems with cow milk, cannot live without cheese and in love, with whole milk yogurt, I had to face the truth and start preparing for the dark days.

I started off with trying yogurts – my all time favorite food made from cow milk.

I went to Whole Foods and got literary every single vegan yogurt that was in the fridge. To make my comparison report easier all yogurts had the same flavor – strawberry.

1. Forager coconut cashewgurt (green tub)

The texture of the yogurt seemed like a birdie chewed it up in her mouth. When I looked at it I wasn’t sure if it’s still fine to eat or not. It smelled like berries so it returned hope that it is still good.

The first taste? It bubbly! Like sparkling water. For a minute I thought that I ate a spoiled yogurt, but after a look at the expiration date, it was still almost a week away. Even though the container is tiny (4oz) I hardly finished the thing.

My vegan yogurt week had a bad start I must say…


  • Price: $2
  • Taste: 3/10
  • Texture: 2/10
  • Size: 2oz

2. Forager dairy-free cashewgurt (white tub)

“Wow! This looks just like a real yogurt!” I thought to myself the minute I opened the tub. After my previous experience, this seemed promising but also less trustworthy. I turned my attention to the ingredient list looking for thickeners but there was nothing! Pure and organic ingredients and coconut milk (yum!). I wish it had more sourness so it would make it taste exactly like a real yogurt.


  • Price: $2
  • Taste: 8/10 (I wish it was a little sourer!)
  • Texture: 9/10 (a little too liquid)
  • Size: 5.3oz

3. SO Delicious Coconutmilk yogurt alternative

This one also looks exactly like a real yogurt except it contains thickener (rice starch). Also, it tasted like bubble gum to me and I assume it’s because of bananas (according to ingredient list there’s only 2%). The yogurt has a nice and silky texture and more on a creamier side because it contains coconut cream. Not SO bad at all!


  • Price: $1.80
  • Taste: 8/10 (bubble gum taste was slightly suspicious)
  • Texture: 8/10 (thickener alert!)
  • Size: 5.3oz

4. Kite Hill 

Am I really eating a dairy-free yogurt? It tastes exactly like regular greek yogurt. It even has real strawberries inside! There is just enough sweetness and sourness for it to be the closest one to real yogurt. The only issue – it’s calorie dense: 190 calories for a relatively small tub. The awesome part is that it contains 10g of protein! Wow! I am impressed!


  • Price: $2
  • Taste: 10/10
  • Texture: 10/10
  • Size: 5.3oz

5. Silk Dairy-Free Yogurt Alternative

I am not a big fan of Silk brand myself. Their almond milk is too plain and watery to my taste but the yogurt was surprisingly good! Tastes just like real yogurt except for less calories as in Kite Hill. Has less than 2% of cornstarch (thickener!) but the overall texture is good. It even has strawberries in it.


  • Price: $1.80
  • Taste: 10/10
  • Texture: 8/10 (thickener alert!)
  • Size: 5.3oz

6. Vega Protein

It’s hella weird. First off: the yogurt had a strange brownish color that was already screaming that I shouldn’t even stick a spoon in there. Second: the flavor and taste are quirky too. At some point, it tastes like a performance chewy bar for runners with stevia in it. It also has a slightly nutty taste at the beginning along with a sweet kick from stevia (the checkout of the ingredients list later confirmed it was stevia).

The ingredient list looks like Picasso himself put a hand on it: cashew milk, pea protein, chicory root extract, strawberries, coconut sugar, fruit pectin, fruit and vegetable juice for color (veggies explain the color but what exactly is there? potatoes?), stevia leaf extract and other components that I never heard of.

I never finished the tub and threw it away.


  • Price: $2
  • Taste: 2/10 (I sense potatoes are there)
  • Texture: 8/10 (no thickeners, very thick)
  • Size: 5.3oz (too big for its ridiculous taste)

Summary of experience

If I was to go vegan, I could easily stick to one or two yogurt manufacturers that I loved the most, there was no problem with that. I can tell, there will be a lot of larger yogurt firms transitioning to vegan varieties over time since it is quite popular these days.

While some existing brands are already good at what they are doing (Kite Hill), others should have never started making their yogurt alternatives (Vega) and keep being good at what they are really good at (athlete protein supplements).

At the end of the day – good quality ingredients and no cheating is what makes a yogurt alternative, or any yogurt the best on the shelve.

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