There Is A Reason Why You feel Crappy If You Don’t Drink Caffeine

Many of you probably noticed that if you did not take your usual dose of coffee in the morning, the mood seems to go down, and the day is not set right from the start.  According to Food And Wine, the scientists from the University of Emory found that the matter is not in your mood at all.

The fact is that caffeine allows us to feel more energetic, focused and less depressed, says Professor of Neuropharmacology Michael Kuhar. If you forgot or did not have time to drink the usual cup of coffee at breakfast, then you will most likely feel drowsy, lethargic and irritable. Some can even experience a headache, low blood pressure, and even nausea.

The good news is that caffeine is not as addictive as drugs and alcohol, and unlike the above substances, it withdraws from our body within 24 hours. That’s why you can experience unpleasant symptoms within 24 hours after the last cup of coffee.

If you for some reason decided to give up caffeine, then to stay away from the coffee shops, since even the slightest smell of fried beans can cause cravings.

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