You Can Now Purchase Christmas Ornaments Filled With Alcohol

Christmas is only 1.5 months away, and it’s time for us to think about how to decorate the house.

I remember how my parents hung candy around a Christmas tree, and my friends and I were sneaking them into my room and eating before the holidays even started. The last candy was always eaten on the Christmas day at midnight.

The British company Lakes Distillery came up with a similar entertainment for adults. Now anyone can decorate a Christmas tree with ornaments filled with their favorite alcoholic beverages. The assortment includes quite pleasant flavors: vodka with salted caramel, gin flavored with cinnamon and raspberries and whiskey with hints of molasses and fresh fruits.

You can purchase these decorations in Europe, UK, and also arrange delivery to the United States. The cost can vary, and for example, 1 ball will cost about $ 21, while the whole set of six pieces will cost about $42.

The European supermarket chain Aldi came up with the similar idea, creating an advent calendar for adults, filled with tiny bottles of wine.

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