What and Where to Eat In Seattle

It’s hard to travel to new places and visit casual restaurants when you are both a chef and a picky eater. I have a tough time trusting places, especially if they don’t look good from the inside, but the problem with Seattle was that every damn restaurant looks nice, that you can’t stand the drive to walk in.

After always sunny and at some point messy San Francisco, Seattle feels like a deep breath of fresh air: clean streets, a lot (seriously A LOT) of trees and parks in the city. Small, walkable, thus diversified Seattle impressed me with its food scene and clean restaurants.

After a few hours of wandering around the city, I couldn’t stop noticing how tidy all the places look like and how much I want to visit every one of them. Nevertheless, my schedule was pretty tight, and I had to fit at least six places into 3,5 days. After extensive research and tons of articles read, I landed ten bookmarks on my google maps, hoping to visit at least half of them.

Okay, you got through the annoying part, now we are going straight to a topic of the most remarkable places to visit regarding food in Seattle.

Spoiler Alert: no Starbucks in this article, sorry!

1. BaBar

Cuisine: Vietnamese

Reservations: No

Price range: $35–$50 per person

Deliciousness rating: 5/5

This place stole my heart the minute I walked in. Located in Capitol Hill neighborhood, it has a very chill vibe, although the restaurant was packed. BaBar doesn’t take reservations so you’ll have to put your name on the list. Although it was Friday night, they managed to sit two of us in under 20 minutes.

The cocktails are great, but a little too strong for my taste. I loved the one with Cynar (artichoke liquor), and one was enough.


I got the Tofu Cabbage salad, and it was fresh and crunchy, precisely what I needed after a long walk. Next, I had a Bun Cha Cha La Vong – rockfish with shrimp, crispy roll and veggies and it was also both healthy, thus fancy.

My husband got the Pho and said it was the best Pho he ever had.


2. Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream

Cuisine: Desserts

Reservations: nope

Price range: $4.50 for a single scoop

Deliciousness rating: 4/5

After a healthy dinner, it was about the time to go for a dessert. I suggest walking from BaBar to this place, it takes about 20 minutes and your stomach will have some extra time to get ready for a new portion of food.


I’ve read a lot about Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream and wanted to make sure that it’s worth the hype. Despite the line at 10 pm (the place is opened until 11), I was happy with my lavender ice cream and got a good night’s sleep after a few scoops of it. It’s delicious, but the variety of flavors is pretty classical.


3. Beecher’s Grilled Cheese

Cuisine: Lots of Cheeeese

Reservations: nope

Price range: $9.36 for a large mac (believe me, you won’t want the small portion)

Deliciousness rating: 5/5 (I wish I could give it a 6)

The next morning I couldn’t wait to experience Pike Place market, so we moved towards Beechers to have some cheesy breakfast. I suggest coming in early as if the line can get a little too long. We managed to wake up around 8 am and got there at 10 am.


Here you can witness the cheese making process while eating your freshly made grilled cheese, nailing your breakfast with an additional portion of mac n cheese. The mac and cheese were so good that I kept dreaming about it a week after I came back home.

The grilled cheese is also great, and we came back for it on the second day of our trip.


4. Etta’s

Cuisine: Seafood

Reservations: yes

Price range: about $35 per person for a happy hour

Deliciousness rating: 4/5

I’ve read different reviews about this place, and some of them were claiming that dinner service is too slow. So instead we went there for a “Crabby hour.” The price range was pretty good, and I loved their oysters, although other things were just okay. Or maybe I became too picky about seafood since I moved to San Francisco.


5. Ellenos Greek Yogurt

Cuisine: Greek Yogurt

Reservations: it’s a small stand, so no

Price range: $3.75 for a small cup

Deliciousness rating: 5/5

It was about the time for an afternoon dessert, and we came back to Pike Place market. I honestly thought that this place is a tourist trap that serves frozen yogurt for a huge price. But I was wrong on so many levels! Ellenos serves excellent fresh greek yogurt with a great variety of homemade toppings like berries, pumpkin, toffee, etc. The smallest cup was actually a decent size, and it was enough to enjoy.


6. No Anchor

Cuisine: Creative beer

Reservations: no

Price range: beer $4 – $10, food $12 – $25

Deliciousness rating: 4/5  (the food is so-so)

No Anchor has a nice variety of experimental beers you can choose. If you are not sure what to get, have a look at the table on their menu as if it explains the exact flavor of each one. For the food: I got pelmeni, and it was a little dry.


7. Toulouse Petit Kitchen and lounge

Cuisine: Creole

Reservations: no

Price range: $80–$100 per two

Deliciousness rating: 4/5

This is a right place for a Sunday brunch. Nothing fancy, but the prices may seem a little high. Prepare for the line, because the place doesn’t take reservations. We got there around 11 am on Sunday and got a table within 20 minutes.


They have a good number of housemade and classic cocktails, and the food is good. I’m not a big fan of Creole cuisine, but my breakfast was decent. What I liked the most was their biscuits. They make it in-house and sere it with strawberry jam and butter.


8. The Pike Brewing Company

Cuisine: Seafood

Reservations: no

Price range: $60–$80 per two

Deliciousness rating: 5/5

If you were not lucky with the table on Friday–Sunday night at any of the Pike’s Place restaurants – you are not alone. We were passing by this brewing pub after a few unsuccessful attempts to enter 3 restaurants and decided to walk in for a pint. After a few pints we ended up with a full dinner, ordering clams, mussels, and Salmon and it was surprisingly good for a place like this!

The selection of house-brewed beer is also great!








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