Harmful Pollutants Are Found In Yellowfin Tuna

No matter how hard you try to buy organic and clean tuna, it probably will not work. In one way or another, almost any fish will contain a certain percentage of polluted substances that penetrate the world ocean with the growing industrialization of the world.

As Food And Wine reports, the scientists from the Institute of Oceanology in San Diego conducted a study, which examined 117 species of yellowfin tuna from different parts of the ocean. Virtually every single fish contained substances that pollute the environment. However, some pollutants varied: the further the fish lived from the shore, the fewer elements were found in its system.

This means that the tuna caught in the waters of North America or Europe contained 36 times more substances than the one that inhabited the waters of the western Pacific Ocean. Also, 90 percent of the yellowfin tuna studied in the waters of the Northwest Atlantic Ocean contained chemicals that could harm pregnant and lactating women. Slightly fewer species – 60% contained the same substances in the Gulf of Mexico. There are a few chemicals to name: pesticides, fire retardants, and polychlorinated biphenyls.

Scientists have explained that these substances are still not enough to harm the human body, but urged buyers to read the packaging more carefully and pay attention to the origin of the fish.

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