Illy Has Opened A University Of Coffee

A good barista is not born with a skill of making good coffee. These people usually work hard to get their knowledge from encyclopedias, websites, textbooks and short training. Now all this gathered in one place.

As Food And Wine Reports, well-known Italian coffee company Illy has opened the first coffee university in the USA.

A unique educational program is created for almost everyone: both for professionals in the coffee industry, and for coffee enthusiasts.

The CEO of the company – Massimiliano Polinari explained the location:“For illy, San Francisco is a natural choice for a first dedicated University location in America, given the city’s early embrace of high-quality coffee, its vibrant culinary scene and its well-earned reputation as a major hub for innovation and education.”

The educational program includes classes from Master baristas, history of coffee, tastings, cooking methods and science.

In Italy, the company offers to enter graduate school and develop in the field of economics and science of coffee. This program is popular with those interested in pursuing their careers in the coffee industry.

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