Raw Cookie Cafe DO Is Facing Lawsuits

First, let’s start with the prehistory. Earlier this year, the first raw cookie dough Cafe – DO opened in New York.

A new dessert quickly became a trendy and instagrammable thing, and people started making huge lines around the block to try it. The Do’s website says that all the ingredients are made by hand, contain pasteurized eggs and ready-to-eat flour that has been thermally processed. Also the site says that raw cookie dough is absolutely safe to eat.

However, this popularity and the flow of positive reviews did not last long: less than a year after the opening, a heap of lawsuits collapsed on the cafe. The cutomers claim that the raw cookie dough did not suit their stomach. Many complained of severe pain in the abdomen, nausea, vomiting and even diarrhea. Some say that “side effects” overtook them literally 15 minutes after the eaten cup.

In a recent statement, the representatives of the cafe claimed that they are going to challenge the lawsuits, because they consider them to be false.

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