Volkswagen Is Going To Make Iconic Bus-Inspired Fridges

The company Volkswagen, known for its hippy minivans and cars, decided to change direction a little and will soon start making refrigerators. And not just refrigerators, but almost actual art objects that will decorate your kitchen.

Not so long ago, the company started a collaboration with the Slovenian firm Gorenje, which is popular with its designer refrigerators.

First of all, it is worth noting that the joint creation of Volkswagen and Gorenje will exactly resemble the same hippie-mobile, but only in appearance. The refrigerator itself will be stuffed with the latest technology: the DynamiCooling system will evenly distribute the temperature throughout the fridge, and the IonAir technology will help get rid unpleasant odors, and also preserve all vitamins and minerals in the food.

Refrigerators will go in two colors: baby blue and burgundy.

The exact date of the product’s release on the market is still unknown, as well as the price, but the companies claim that the first refrigerators will go on sale in the UK.

Stick around for announcements, and maybe you will be among those lucky customers to “park” this beauty in your kitchen!

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