H&M Just Dropped A New Line Of Kitchenware

H&M Just Dropped A New Line Of Kitchenware

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While we were talking here about Italian wines, recipes, and tomatoes, the megabrand H&M, that mostly sells clothes just dropped a new collection of kitchen utensils, which is rumored to be madly affordable.

In 2008, the Scandinavian company launched one of the first H&M Home stores where customers could find some furniture pieces, decor items, and kitchenware, but the line was very limited.

Gradually the kitchen line expanded and right now, the website has 312 items in stock (the number may vary in different countries). The new kitchenware collection includes wood and ceramics products that will decorate your fall table and create the “Huge” atmosphere (funny Danish word, which means the ability to appreciate the usual pleasures of life and enjoy the moment.)

Have a look at the new collection; you might spot something for your upcoming Thanksgiving party:

1. Dinnerware set with a cake stand 


2. Wooden cutting boards


3. Wooden measuring spoons and mortar and pestle

cq5dam.web.2000.2000 (1)

4. Tea set

cq5dam.web.2000.2000 (2)

5. Ceramic pot and storage containers

cq5dam.web.2000.2000 (3)

Pictures from H&M.com



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