Airbnb Just Launched Restaurant Reservations

If you are an active foodie, then this news is for you: popular apartment rental service – Airbnb just launched restaurant reservations feature (hurray!).

In fact, the update is significant for those who travel mostly for food, not for the sightseeing. The thing is that research for the restaurants in an unfamiliar location could be tough and take many hours, if not days, and the results may not be as good. In other words, most often, the expectation could be shattered on the shore of reality, and you leave the restaurant, that you found the day before the trip in unfortunate feelings.

The company teamed up with Resy, which helps to find the most interesting and top spots in the city to save you a couple of hours on research.
Airbnb offers users a choice of the best restaurants nearby or in the city, and also give an approximate price range per person. You can also check the ratings (it’s unclear what it is based on, but most likely it comes from the Resy), read a brief history, hours of work, address and look at the photos (they deserve special attention!).

Service has already started to operate in 16 cities across the US cities and soon plans to expand.

List of locations: Atlanta, Austin, Charleston (North Carolina), Denver, Los Angeles, Miami, Napa, Nashville, New Orleans, New York, Portland (Oregon), Raleigh (North Carolina), San Francisco, Seattle, Hampton and Washington DC

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