Adult Advent Calendar Is Here And We Are So Ready

Adult Advent Calendar Is Here And We Are So Ready

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Some of you will remember those beautiful large boxes from childhood that contained small chocolates. They had to count the days before Christmas and had to be strictly eaten one piece per day (but admit, who ate only one?).

It seems that the network of German supermarkets Aldi came up with a similar idea, but for adults who are very fond of wine. Apparently, they don’t care that the leaves have not turned yellow, and we have not yet enjoyed the pumpkin soup yet, the company announced the release of the Advent calendar, which will contain 24 small bottles with different types of wine. It is expected that there will be a mix of red and white, as well as rose and “bubbles” in the advent box. Most of the wines will be from the regions of France and Spain and will go on sale by November 14 this year in the UK. The box will cost around $67.

Let’s all get one and challenge ourselves, try not to drink all this for one Saturday night 🙂

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