Merriam Webster Dictionary Just Added 11 Words Related To Food

I should probably start with a few words about the dictionary itself. Merriam Webster dictionary is the most complete and reliable dictionary in the US, created by Noah Webster in the first half of the XIX century. The term “Webster’s Dictionary” also denotes the entire line of dictionaries created by Webster, and sometimes dictionaries created by other authors who added Webster’s name to the names of their dictionaries to give them more authority.

The dictionary is supplemented by concepts that young people first use, and then they go to the public and are used everywhere, it is is a little different with food terms. Food comes from various cultures and is not immediately consolidated in society, but some concepts from Asian culture are included in the latest edition. This time the dictionary includes such words as:

“bibimbap” is a Korean dish,
“California roll” – well, who does not like California roll?
“Callery pear” is a kind of Chinese pear,
“Choux pastry” is a kind of dough from which donuts and profiteroles are made,
“Cordon bleu” – a kind of meat dish with cheese in batter,
“Cross-contamination” – the undesirable contamination of products
“Farmers market” – farmer’s market, apparently
“Froyo” – a shorter version of frozen yogurt
“IPA” –  Indian Pale Ale
“Saigon cinnamon” – Asian seasoning that is kinda like cinnamon, but not
“Sriracha” – is a spicy Asian seasoning, widely spread in America.


According to Food And Wine: “Our work as lexicographers is to follow the development of the language, determining the words that people can face,” says Merriam-Webster editorial assistant Emily Brewster in a statement detailing the new additions. “These new words were added to the dictionary because they are fixed in English and are part of the currently active vocabulary of America.”

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