Australia Have Just Solved the Avocado Shortage Problem

Avocados became not only one of the most fashionable products consumed by young people but also entered the daily diet of many people around the world. This fruit has become so popular that the agricultural industry simply does not have time to grow it in time. As a result, we get a hard rock avocado on the shelf of the store, which you have to store at room temperature for at least a week before putting it in a salad.

However, scientists have come up with a way to grow a tree faster. A team of researchers from Queensland, which produces 50 percent of the avocados in Australia began to cultivate stem cell tissue.

To grow an avocado tree it takes about 18 months, and this is not counting the fruit. The new method is more environmentally friendly, requires less soil, water, fertilizers, and pesticides, and also helps to grow a tree faster.

Currently, the research center is also working on the creation of avocado trees, which will be more adapted to the hot climate, which will allow them to grow next to bananas and make the Australian fruit and vegetable industry more productive.

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