Italian Grape Harvest Is Supposedly Down By 30 Percent

September is traditionally considered the month when most regions around the world harvest their grape for wine making.

According to the Food And Wine, the association of Farmers, Coldiretti, suggests that the harvest of grapes in some parts of Italy this year is likely to fall by as much as 30 percent in some regions.

The reason that the yield is not as high as last year is likely in the unusual weather that was detected in some parts of Italy. There was a relatively mild winter, which provoked the early germination of the vine, and then followed the spring frosts and led to its damage. In the summer there was a drought, which was followed by rain and hail and this led to an early harvest.

As a result of difficult weather conditions, in regions such as Chianti, Franciacorta, and Tuscany, grape volumes fell by 20-30 percent.

But despite such unpleasant news, the quality of the wine is expected to be good. Even if production declines, last year Italy produced more than 50 million hectoliters of wine, which suggests that there is no shortage of wine in stores.

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