This New App Will Remind You To Drink Water At the Parties

The golden rule of a healthy lifestyle is to drink about eight glasses of water a day. And this is not counting the gaps, when we exercise, drink alcohol, or allow ourselves an extra piece of that cake. On such days, we need even more hydration.

There is a great variety of apps that help to keep track for every measure: glasses, milliliters or fluid ounces. However, many of them do not take into account our human side and love for parties, delicious wine or cocktails.

But at last, someone invented an app that will help you avoid a hangover the next morning. The application, called Hydrate Now, sends users notifications so that they don’t forget to drink water during the party.
Unlike other similar programs, you tell Hydrate Now when exactly your fun begins and what its scale is going to be from 1 to 5. Depending on some drinks, the application will quite aggressively remind the user to drink “At least one bloody glass of water!”.

If you still decide to replace 2 liters of water, with the same amount of martini, the live video chat function with strangers is built into the application, but still, try not to forget to enjoy alcohol responsibly.392x696bb

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