There’s a Website That Teaches You to Pair Beer With Food

Those of you who love beer and do not consider it a simple drink, probably often wondered how correctly it can be paired with food.

There are a lot of beers that have come out of small home breweries. Along with the usual light and dark filtered and unfiltered, there are IPA, ales with natural flavors, micro brew and many others, in general, there is plenty of choices.

A website called includes a series of video lectures, as well as a professional guide to almost 100 pages. Video Lectures are paid and will cost users $ 30 for one or 99 for all four.

Food and Wine report that the original manual, which the site had released back in 2014, teaches users how to pair craft beer with food most correctly, talks about ten popular types of drinks and includes five interactive kinds of tasting. There Are also in the tips on planning the menu and recipes.

Among other things, the manual gives practical knowledge about beer, tells the story, explains the styles, and also advises on storage and serving.

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