Iceland Is Getting Food Delivered By Drones

How little we hear the news from the tiny state of Iceland that in the middle of the Atlantic after the eruption of the volcano with an unpronounceable name.

It turns out that the Icelandic food delivery service AHA began cooperation with the Israeli company Flytrex, which delivers drones to feed hungry people in a matter of minutes.

At the end of August, one route started to operate in Reykjavik, which runs through the Northern Atlantic bay. However, drones do not perform full delivery yet. They only transport the order through the bay, then met by the courier, who then delivers it to the customer. AHA representatives say that this method allows for much faster delivery and takes a few minutes, while earlier drivers needed more than half an hour.

According to The Verge, drones can carry up to 3 kg of weight and fly up to 10 kilometers, which is ideal for delivering sushi, burgers and even beer.

According to the CEO of the Flytrex, Yariv Bash, they hope to expand their partnership with AHA, in the future, to deliver shipments directly by drones, which will use the wire to lower the order directly to the front porch of people’s houses.

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