McDonald’s Plans To Remove Antibiotics From Its Chicken

It’s not a secret that the fast food giant has been selling meat grown on antibiotics for a long time, but the trends are changing, and now McDonald’s wants to get rid of them. The company decided to start with chicken meat, since growing a birds takes months, and it won’t take long to remove antibiotics from it, while cattle require years and we still don’t know our beef patties will be served “clean.”

McDonald’s has promised to reduce the use of antibiotics in chicken not only in the US but throughout the world. Recently, the company has published a schedule, to which they will adhere in the next ten years. By January 2018, antibiotics will be cut from chicken in countries such as Canada, South Korea, Brazil, Japan, and most of Europe.

In Russia, the program for the elimination of antibiotics will be launched by 2019 on a par with Australia, and by early 2027, China will also be included.

In the US, the company started a similar project last year and almost got rid of antibiotics at all its points in one year.

McDonald’s also promises to apply a similar program to beef, but it is likely that the process will take longer, as cattle takes more time to grow.

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