Spanish Winemakers Have Created Blue Wine

Forget about red and white, because now there is blue!

Blue wine from the Spanish winery Gik Live shocked the Internet back in 2016, but a remarkable event that brought the wine to a new level occurred just now: the wine will finally hit the American market. Why does it matter? The fact is that the US has rather strict standards for the import of products for commercial purposes and this year the wine finally passed them.

The product is made from a combination of white and red grapes from Spain and France, organic plant based indigo dye and anthocyanin – a plant pigment in the grape skin. The company chose this color because it represents “movement, innovation, and infinity.” Also, the founders note that despite the additives, the wine is made from 100% organic ingredients.

Not so long ago, the company faced difficulties in the European market and could not expand to other countries because of the word “wine” on its label. Since its color does not belong to the approved wine categories in the European Union, Gik was forced to remove the word “wine” from the label, replacing it with an “alcoholic beverage.”

The taste of the blue drink is slightly sweet with notes of white wine, and the alcohol content is slightly above 11%.

You can buy bottles in Europe and very soon on the shelves of US stores. Its price is quite acceptable, only 16 dollars or 10 euros.

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