There Is A Drink Made From Brewers Spent Grains

It seems that the culinary world is moving in the right direction these days. Famous chefs shoot documentaries about how to use food remnants, students come up with ways to turn wine waste into flour and brewers create a drink based on the saved grains after the brewing process.

It is likely that you have never thought about the usefulness of the ingredients that are added during the brewing process. But as it turned out, if you take away alcohol, you can get a drink rich in dietary fiber, vegetable protein, and amino acids. As did the New York company called Canvas, which began to produce a drink from processed barley.

For the first time, the company launched on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and collected twice as much funding as it planned.

The beverage from the processed grain is called Barley Milk, although there are no dairy products in it and it is presented in five flavors: original, cocoa, cold latte, matcha, and turmeric Chai. By the way, bottles are also made from the grain waste too.

You can purchase the drink on the company’s website, however, as we noticed today, it was completely sold out.

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