Starbucks Created Aprons for Deaf Baristas

In many Starbucks locations around the world, there are quite a large number of employees with disabilities, especially people with hearing problems.

According to Food And Wine, one of the Starbucks points in Kaluga Lumpur, in July 2016 was the first in the history of the company, where most of the employees turned out to be deaf.

Now, to help visitors and staff, the company decided to make exclusive aprons, where the brand inscription is interpreted in American sign language or ASL. According to Starbucks, aprons “serve as both a visual cue for customers and a point of Deaf cultural pride.”

This idea occurred to an employee named Katie Giles, who recommended using special aprons after a meeting with representatives of Starbucks headquarters to discuss some of the difficulties she faced as a barista.

Giles notes that her relationship with customers has “completely changed” after she began wearing a new apron. Now she had the opportunity to communicate in ASL with some of the clients who did not even realize that she was deaf.

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