Outrageously Expensive Juicer Maker Has Shut Down

Outrageously Expensive Juicer Maker Has Shut Down

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I’m sure most of us don’t like to be deceived. In particular, this applies to large companies, which promise us great quality and reliability for a higher price.

Company Juciero, which was based in San Francisco and first appeared on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter in 2016, where they raised enough money to make their first juice squeezer just got shut down. At first, the device cost was 700 US dollars, but then the price dropped to 400. The device was able to squeeze fresh juice from branded packages of fruits and vegetables.

The strategy for the company was very similar to Nespresso: users bought a machine and then ordered the right amount of packages over and over again, but to their regret, Bloomberg found a way to get around the juicer and squeeze the juice with the hands.

The company’s statement says that it could not continue to develop because of the lack of suppliers.

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