Food Theme Park Is Opening In Italy

Food Theme Park Is Opening In Italy

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Finally, the god of food heard the prayers of desperate gourmets! Fantastic news for us all: the very first food theme park to open in Italy.

The park will be called Italy – in honor of the company that opens kind of semi-restaurants semi-markets under one roof around the world. At the moment they are making final touches to finish one of their biggest projects.

There will be 25 restaurants, various shops, as well as farms and gardens located at the park.

The aim of the park will not only be to feed the tourists and visitors, but also to educate them about the cultivation of organic products, starting from the very basics. There will be master classes where guests can learn the craft of growing cattle or food, learn Italian and, of course, learn how to cook.

The project is planned to be completed by November 2017, so pack your bags and see you in Bologna!

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