Anheuser-Busch Repurposed Its Brewery To Help Victims Of Hurricane In Texas

Have you ever wondered how many liters of water a brewery uses to make beer? Most likely millions or even billions of liters of water a year are spent on the production of your favorite hoppy drink.

One of the biggest American breweries Anheuser-Busch, known by Budweiser, Bud Light, Shock Top, and Rolling Rock, has stated that for a while it will re-train its factories to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas. However, the company will not try to make people drink more beer and forget about what just happened. The brewery will repurpose its factory to deliver fresh drinking water to people in need affected by the hurricane.

It is not the first time a brewery helps victims of natural disasters. They also retrained their factories for the time of wild fires in California in 2016, floods in Louisiana and Hurricane Mathew in South Carolina.

Last Friday, a hurricane hit Houston, which was later named Harvey. It caused damage, which at the moment is estimated at several billion dollars.

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