Researchers from the Korean University Said That Swiss Cheese Is a Superfood

If you talk to the followers of a healthy lifestyle, you’ll probably hear here and there about “superfoods.” and how healthy they are. In fact, these are products with a high concentration of nutrients. They contain a good variety of vitamins and minerals that protect the body from diseases, help to lead a healthy lifestyle and have an anti-aging effect.

According to the British portal, a recent study by the University of Korea found that Swiss cheese is extremely healthy. It contains a probiotic under a cruelly unpronounceable name – propionibacterium freudenreichii, which can reduce the risk of certain diseases, slow the aging process and increase your immune system functions.

Tests were conducted on worms, which as humans react similarly to this probiotic.

Food and Wine wrote that studies also point to other benefits of eating Swiss cheese: one slice contains eight grams of protein, high levels of calcium and phosphorus, and strengthens bones well. Also, the Swiss cheese contains less lactose, so people with intolerance are more likely to consume it with no aftermaths.

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