Anthony Bourdain Is Going To Release a Documentary About Food Waste

The problem of food waste is rising very sharply all over the world. However, it seems that not so many people pay particular attention to this. Annually, around 1,3 billion tons of food is lost in the world, according to information on the website of the organization of food and agriculture of the United States.

A new documentary of the American chef Anthony Bourdain called Wasted The Story of Food Waste is devoted to this problem.

The purpose of this film is to educate people about how cleverly you can use the remains of food, instead of throwing them away.

Chef Bourdain serves as the executive producer and a narrator of the documentary, which also features other well-known chefs like Mario Batali and Danny Bowen, who demonstrate how food waste can be used to create delicious meals.

The documentary also shows innovative ways to deal with food waste, such as a recycling plan that cut waste by 30 percent in South Korea.

“One film isn’t going to cure all of the society’s ills, but if a few people start thinking about what they’re eating for dinner differently or think twice about throwing out what is often the best stuff, it’s a good day,” Anthony Burden said in his statement.

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