There Is a Gin Infused With Motorcycle Parts

Remember Kinder surprises in childhood when we were collecting those little figures from one line? It seems like there is an adult version of it but the key word here “seems.”

The creator of The Archaeologist gin did not have in mind the idea of ​​selling bottles so that you could collect a whole motorcycle (after a dozen bottles, it would be impossible anyway), he just loves Harley Davidson so much, that he wants to drink it.

At the age of 17, Uwe Ehinger fell in love with motorcycles, and since then he hunted for rare details around the world to assemble vintage motorcycles, and today this hobby has flowed into something interesting. Uwe notes that this is the first of its kind gin with the taste of vintage details of Harley Davidson.

You probably too have this question in mind, wether it is safe to dring or not. The creator notes that the parts do not participate in the distillation process. Instead, the gin is poured through mechanical parts directly into the bottles, and they are covered in a thin “food-safe seal.”

Each bottle will come with a tag that describes the history of a particular part. The price will vary depending on the cost of the part: from 900 to 1100 euros per piece.

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