This UK Restaurant Hilariously Reacted On a Negative Review

Perception of negative things with humor is a talent that the owner of The Old Butchers restaurant, located in Bristol UK has.

Recently, a person named Wayne S. came up to the restaurant and left a sharp review on TripAdvisor. He began with the fact that the furniture seemed uncomfortable, and the glassware was too pretentious and small. Then he did not like that, “the owner struts about in dungarees, and if he has the chance to check his reflection he damn well makes sure he does,”

After that, he continued: “Would I eat there? Never, only had crab on the menu anyway!?” ,”Would I drink there again? Never. Would I recommend it? Only to those who want to be soooo hip (like the owner thinks he is) that they want to watch the traffic go by in this rather grey and drab area of town,”. Author’s spelling and punctuation is preserved.

The restaurant quickly responded to Wayne’s rough review by publishing the words of gratitude on their Facebook page, for “inspiring” them to create a new cocktail. The drink consists of Gomme syrup, blue liquor, vodka, rose and white wine.


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