Canadian Artist Made a Justin Trudeau Sculpture Using Butter

Cooking is and should stay away from politics, regardless of what is happening in the world. However, not when the appearance of the Canadian prime minister becomes an object of attention from around the world.

The current Prime Minister of Canada – Justin Trudeau, recently became a favorite of the public and drew a lot of attention because he is actively involved in sports, yoga leads a healthy lifestyle and often spotted shirtless by paparazzi (google the pics, they are worth it!). Now his popularity has reached a new level thanks to the sculptors from the Canadian National Exhibition.

The artists were inspired by a photo of Justin Trudeau holding two newborn pandas at the Toronto Zoo and made a similar sculpture using butter.

Sculptures from butter are a rather old tradition in Canada. They have been known for such thing since the 1920s when the patriotic artist cut the Prince of Wales for the first time for an exhibition in the Canadian pavilion. The tradition continued in 1964 when the sculptor turned the butter into four members of the Beatles and their instruments.

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