Game Of Thrones Actor Is Baking Direwolf Bread On Demand

This post does not contain any spoilers from the last episodes of the series, so don’t worry!

The last episode of the sixth season of the Game of Thrones is coming up this weekend, so prepare meat pies, wine and make yourself comfortable, because it must be epic.

In the meantime, while we patiently were waiting for the release of a new episode, actor Ben Hawky, who played Hot Pie opened his pop-up Game Og Thrones bakery and called it You Know Nothing John Dough.

Ben teamed up with Deliveroo, which delivers food on demand around London. With the help of the service, the actor offered freshly baked Direwolf bread for only 1 British pound apiece on the day of the release of the first episode.

It is not yet known whether Ben will continue baking Direwolf bread on demand, but we sincerely hope that he will not abandon this hobby.

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