Jamie Oliver Is Coming Back With a New Show

The famous British chef Jamie Oliver, in fact, did not disappear anywhere. He worked in his restaurants in London and throughout Europe, we could watch his travels and family life in his Instagram, watch reruns of his shows on Apple TV and read magazines. But it seems that the chief decided to go further and launched a new show on television.

Today, on August 21st Jamie is starting a new show on Channel 4 In the UK, and it is called Jamie’s Quick and Easy Food. The idea of ​​the show is that the chef will use only five ingredients, to cook a dish in less than 30 minutes.

According to Jamie Oliver, the creation of the show took him almost 20 years. “It just struck me that having a lot of ingredients is an incredible barrier to people either cooking or not. I wanted to get as many people as possible just to have a go!”.

You can watch the show at 8 pm London Time on Channel 4.

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