Greece Wants Its Yogurt Back

In the past few years, Greek yogurt has garnered a massive army of fans around the world and sold better than any other dairy product. The problem is that most those products have not been even close to Mediterranian region, whatsoever. The estimation of the world market for the Greek yogurt has shown a mark of 50 billion dollars, which as a matter of fact huge money.

It seems that such a small country like Greece is fed up and now, the producers of Greek yogurt will have to pay, but not with money. According to Food And Wine website, Greece is going to do almost the same that Italy did to most of its product. They want to apply for a “protected designation.”

The Greek Ministry of Agriculture created a group of 14 members to study the production of Greek yogurt and eventually apply for the name “Greek yogurt” to get the so-called PDO or Protected Geographic Indication (PGI). If the request is accepted, then all Greek yogurt that is sold in the European Union will have to be renamed.

Most likely, such a rule, if it is adopted, will not affect other countries outside the EU.

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