EU Allowed Belgium To Keep Its Fries

While we were enjoying our life on vacation, Belgium was boiling (or you could say frying), in real trouble. The European Union wanted to ban traditional Pommes Frites for serving in Belgium, Food and Wine Reports.

According to Reuters, the national government of Belgium reported that the EU agreed to compromise by its food safety regulations, allowed Belgian restaurants to continue to prepare Belgian fries traditionally.

Why did the European Union want to change the standards for the preparation of French fries there? The thing is to make this appetizer more crispy, the Belgians cook it twice, which on the one hand makes them more delicious, and on the other, as a result of frying in oil, more acrylamide is released, which is a carcinogen and can cause cancer.

It is unclear what influenced the decision of the EU, but according to the Belgians, French fries (or Pommes Frites) have always been considered their traditional appetizer and that they invented it much earlier than the French. One of the historical documents prooves that the Belgians began to fry potatoes this way back in 1680.

Traditionally, French fries are served with a generous portion of mayonnaise in a paper cone or with steamed mussels.

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