Researchers in Antarctica Found a 100 Year Old Fruitcake

Are you familiar with this feeling when you get into the refrigerator in the middle of the week and find some fresh leftovers from dinner, that you cooked on Monday? Now imagine the same thing, only multiplied by 100 years.

A group of researchers from the Antarctic Heritage Trust has been working on the territory of Cape Adar since May 2016 and is looking for artifacts left from other expeditions to transfer to the Canterbury Museum in New Zealand.

They found a fruitcake wrapped in paper inside a decaying tin box in an abandoned hut, which they said had been there for about a hundred years. The captain Robert Falcon Scott was one of those who brought similar sweets to the expedition, but there is an unfortunate reason why the cake was not eaten. It was found in the northeast of the cape, where between 1910 to 1913 an expedition called Terra Nova Expedition took place but the entire crew died.

According to the researchers, the cake smelled quite good and looked rather edible.


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