Blueberries in Dunkin’ Donuts Products Turned Out To Be Fake

The US giant, producing and selling donuts around the world, was convicted of dishonesty. It turned out that in some donuts blueberries are fake.

A few days ago, an annoyed customer in California decided to file a lawsuit, as he did not find any Blueberries in his favorite donut. According to him, instead of blueberries, Dunkin ‘Donuts adds crystals made from corn syrup, sugar, and blue food coloring.

“Due to their blue color and round shape, the ‘flavor crystals’ and ‘blueberry flavored bits’ are inserted strategically on the inside and outside of the Blueberry Products to induce unsuspecting consumers into believing that the products contain actual blueberries,” the lawsuit states.
A similar situation occurred in 2016 when Krispy Kreme was convicted of adding fake blueberries to its products and the absence of raspberries in raspberry donuts covered with chocolate.


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