GMO Salmon Is Being Sold In Canada

There is a lot of debates about how genetically modified foods affect our health. Some argue that GMO is the future since they will help to feed the growing population of the planet, but some people get angry and try to avoid it. GMO products have not been proven to have any negative impact on our health, so they are still on supermarket shelves and are slowly spreading across the globe.

In Canada, genetically modified salmon have recently appeared on the shelves. This is the first time that a protein containing GMOs has hit the market. About five tons of this fish have been sold already, but the consumers are not likely to know about the product’s origin.

The thing is that Canada doesn’t have any regulations regarding labeling its food, while US labeling guidelines are very strict. The company called Aqua Bounty started to grow salmon, which takes only 18 months instead of 30 to achieve the “edible” age

GMO Salmon is now available for $5 a pound in supermarkets in Canada.

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