Sparkling Or Still? That Is The Question

Most of us probably drink still water during the day, but when it comes to lunch or dinner time, we may choose sparkling with a piece of lemon. It turns out that this habit is not entirely healthy as it seems.

According to dentists from London’s Harley Street, drinking sparkling water may result in some dental problems. The thing is that fuzzy water can be extremely acidic due to its pH3 level. The bubbles can harm your enamel badly and over time cause cracked teeth. It could happen because the ‘fizz’ in sparkling water comes from carbon dioxide that is added to still water under pressure. However, it has nothing to do with a natural product that comes from the springs.

But before you call your dentist to make an appointment, look at what Edmond R. Hewlett a spokesperson for the American Dental Association says. Apparently, it is flavorings added to sparkling water and not the water itself that may cause you enamel to crack. So you shouldn’t be concerned about that bottle of Perrier you drank last night, however, be careful with diet Pepsi or coke, sparkling lemonade and maybe even flavored varieties of La Croix (sorry hipsters!).




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