5 Rules of a Perfect Salad

You will be surprised, but the salad is probably one of the most challenging dishes for serving because you need to take into account a lot of things: the look, the time and the synchronization with other dishes.

With the look, it’s all more or less clear; the salad should be an object for photos because this is the very first impression of your cooking.

The cooking time depends on the ingredients that you use, but it is better to limit it to 30 minutes.

Synchronization with other dishes is important because if you dress the salad too early, there is a chance you might get a green soup instead.

How to assemble a perfect salad and avoid common mistakes read in this article.

1. The Rule of Three Ingredients

Use a rule of three ingredients, so your salad doesn’t look and taste boring. Add at least three ingredients of your choice to the greens, dressing, salt, and pepper, but be careful and do not overdo the quantity. For example, if you decide to add peaches, it is better to avoid ingredients like olives, pickles or green onions. Also, avoid strange combinations and test the recipe before serving. Make yourself a small portion and try, maybe you’ll want to make adjustments.


2. The Rule of Acid and Oil

Many people like to buy ready-made dressings from supermarkets, and they can not be blamed for that. However, those dressings, practically don’t save you time, because they can easily be made at home for a couple of minutes. All you need is a whisk, a clean bowl, oil and something acidic. For a good salad dressing, you’ll need some good olive oil and vinegar, or some juice from a citrus.


3. The Rule of a Good Dressing

To get a creamy dressing, combine the oil with the vinegar or juice (4 tablespoons oil to 2 tablespoons of vinegar or acid) and beat well until the texture is smooth and the liquids don’t separate.

You can also use a blender and make a dressing a few weeks in advance. Try to experiment by adding herbs like basil, tarragon or even fresh berries.

When the dressing is ready, pour it into a deep bowl, dip a salad in it and transfer it to a separate plate. By doing this other way around and pouring the liquid over the salad, you may get a bunch of greens swimming in oil as a result. Yuck!


4. The Rule of Good Oil

Whatever oil you use, it has to be good. Don’t use spray oils, since it has almost no taste. It is better to leave it for frying pans and baking trays.

Any oil has a shelf life. Expired oil may taste earthy and can spoil any dish and mood. Oils with flavors are especially time-sensitive to time. If you decide to bring a truffle, basil or any other fragrant oil from your vacation, use it as quickly as possible and in no case store it on the shelf for more than a year. Check on it from time to time and do not regret throwing out the container if the taste seems suspicious.


5. The Rule of Seasoning

Any proper seasoning will be a good addition to the salad, whether it’s dried oregano, fresh and finely chopped tarragon, hard cheese, toasted nuts or seeds.

Avoid a mixture of herbs for salads, since they can be too salty.

If you use croutons, such as in a Panzanella salad, try to make them at home. Some brands, making ready to use croutons may hurt your teeth.


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