The Stinkiest Cheese In The World Is Produced In France

Usually, when it comes to fancy smelly cheeses, the company of people immediately breaks into two camps: admirers and haters. Admirers, with a spark in their eyes, will prove to you that this is the best product in the world and will tell you many possible pairings you can make, while haters will scream to you from the other side, that it’s a bluff to fit into a gourmet company.

Anyway, smelly cheeses cause interest in even the most stubborn fans of cream cheese that want to try something new once in a while

French cheese from the region of Burgundy, known as Epoisse de Bourgogne, is recognized as the most odorous in the world and often takes top-of-the-list for stinkiness in different competitions all around the globe. It is first washed with a special brine and bourbon and then aged for about six weeks. According to rumors, the French authorities even banned this cheese from public transport.

As for the smell, some Internet users described it as: “Gunk that forms under your toenails.” It ‘s hard to imagine how they thought up such a thing.

Wine experts believe that the Epoisse de Bourgogne goes well with the sweet French wine called Sauternes.

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