Reestablishment of Ancient Wines Can Help Wine Survive Climate Change

Climate change has been the main topic and a huge debate for the last decades. Some people may reject it, but unfortunately, it is a scientific fact: world's climate runs in cycles, and it is getting warmer. A study from 2013 reported that " lands suitable for growing wine grapes will decline by 25 percent (Chile) to 73 percent (Australia) by 2050". Another European study proved the same thing last year.

But there is no need to rush to the nearest enoteca to fill out your cellar yet. Apparently, Spanish winery Bodegas Torres, where I happened to go several times, is working on something to keep us boozed with our favorite drink. According to the Atlantic, the winery is trying to revive ancient grapes that can survive warmer climates.


It turned out that Torres Winery had been working on this for a while. In 1980's, Torres kindly asked local framers to keep an eye on any unidentified or unusual vines in a local newspaper. 30 years later it turned into a whole ancestral experiment and collaboration with France’s National Agricultural Research Institute.

But even after regrowing a good amount, it might take around 20 years for the Spanish and Catalan governments to officially recognize these types of grapes and allow them for production. Hopefully, their plan works, and we will be sipping our favorite drink, chilling at sunset.

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