5 Edible Souvenirs You Should Consider Bringing From Mexico

Magnets – the most common type of souvenirs, which we often bring from our travels. Some litter the space on the refrigerator, while others serve as holders for notes or recipes. Let's face the truth: in most cases, we buy magnets because we don't know what else to bring. Well, I guess it's time for us to think about whether it's worth bringing something from your vacation that you can put into the fridge and not another way around. In today's article, I'll tell you what edible souvenirs you can bring from Mexico and how to enjoy them properly.

It is important to know that in Mexico it's not so easy to find souvenirs, as in most other countries. You should either plan your list way ahead and buy everything from the airport duty-free shop or go to a touristy place and try to shop there. We had a hard time finding souvenir shops in Mexico City, so we got everything from the local supermarket, and it was easy and cheap.

1. Tequilla filled Chocolate
Similar treats could be found at almost every grocery store about ten years ago, but because of fears that they might be accidentally eaten by children, the industry of alcohol filled chocolate went into decline. However, chocolate with excellent tequila can still be found in Mexico, and believe me; it's worth it. A couple of pieces after dinner will not only save you time to prepare dessert but will also improve your mood.


2. Mezcal

If we talk about a whole bottle, then it's better to bring mezcal, and not tequila, as you might think. In fact, mezcal is considered a more noble drink. Mexico City is full of tap rooms that specialize in varieties of this drink, and staff will be more than happy to talk about it. Mezcal is made from five varieties of agave, while tequila producers use only blue agave. Despite the obvious similarity in color and origin, mezcal is distinguished as Scotch whiskey or even French wine. It is produced in different regions of Mexico and has a surprisingly smooth flavor while drank alone or on the rocks.


3. Hot Sauce

Even if you are not a big fan of hot sauces, you will probably like what Mexico has to offer. In most places, the food is not as spicy as it is often presented in Europe or the US, and sauces are much less burning, they are rather fragrant. If you buy sauces in tourist spots, ask if you can try first, because peppers like Habanero, which is often found in Mexican cuisine can cause discomfort in the mouth.


4. Vanilla extract

You need to be careful here. Some brands may contain an ingredient called comarine, and it is not good for your health. It's best to buy vanilla extract at the airport and read the labels. Good brands will include a description in English, so it will be easier for you to distinguish a fake from the truth. Why is it worth bringing vanilla extract from Mexico? Perhaps you did not know, but vanilla initially grew exclusively in the territory of the so-called Mesoamerica,(current Guatemala and Mexico) and later got spread around the globe. The most common sort of vanilla – V. planifolia grows in Mexico, and in most cases do not contain any harmful ingredients.


5. Chocolate

Chocolate is not originated in Mexico. However, it is quite tasty and similar in quality to the one, that you buy at WholeFoods. The price of a package is approximately around $5, and you can get one for your friend as an edible souvenir. Several flavors are worth bringing: tequila, vanilla, coffee, and dark.


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